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Collection of pairs of lenses and order preparation


The Novacel adventure began in April 1994 when Rüdiger Düning decided to embark on a risky bet combining passion and audacity.


The future of the company would quickly exceed all the hopes of its director and those of his colleagues.

For several years, the Novacel ship has been setting sail, positioning itself at the 3rd place on the French industrial ophthalmic lens market, while imposing its philosophy.


Novacel's success is based on three major values found in its history: 


Success continues today in bringing their teams together around a common desire: to offer the best to their customers.


High-end Leica lenses are developed in Germany and manufactured in France, they benefit from all the German optical expertise that makes Leica world famous while showcasing Novacel's French production know-how.


Leica's highest-level technologies are leveraged to produce exceptional results and unparalleled lenses.


This means that Leica focuses on uncompromising quality and consistency, not mass production or rapidly changing trends.

Coloring process of a pair of gradient sun lenses

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