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KameManNen is said to be the oldest eyewear brand in Japan. Its roots began in 1917 with a metal plating factory called “Kimura Manufacturing Plant,” which was founded in Fukui City. After World War II, manufacturing moved to the city of Sabae and KameManNen was established shortly after. Titanium eyeglass frames were successfully produced and introduced to the world in 1981.

The name "KameManNen" was taken from a Japanese proverb: 

“A crane bird lives a thousand years, a turtle ten thousand years”

- Tsuru wa sennen, Kame wa mannen - in Japanese

A proverb that depicts longevity.


This was also the goal of the founder, Kikujiro Kimura, who wanted to make a durable eyeglass frame that can stand the test of time without being altered.

They aspire to continue the concept of KameManNen toperpetuate not only the beauty of the design itself, but also the creation of high-quality glasses.

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