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Very French Gangsters

At the beginning of the story, in 2011, two children's fashion professionals became friends and made the same observation: “We can't find high-end, stylish glasses for our children”.

They set out and created VERY FRENCH GANGSTERS with the ambition of taking children's glasses from the stage of corrective prosthesis to that of a fashion accessory that asserts the child's personality; which gives it a look.

The first collection was presented to opticians in 2012. Bold both in their shapes and in the colors used, VERY FRENCH GANGSTERS eyeglass frames quickly found their audience, their image and their tone by cultivating an offbeat, insolent and rebellious soul.

The manufacturing of their collection is entrusted to two family businesses based in Oyonnax in the French Jura massif. The choice to manufacture in France represents a real societal and environmental commitment for the brand.

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